Ars et labor

The essence of the Villa Veneta as a place of art and labour finds innovation in organic and vegan wine.

“These are places that have to be understood in order to be appreciated and also to be protected. To follow their care is truly an enormous privilege, and one way to do this is to share their secrets, and the choices, techniques and skills required to achieve a fine result.”

Vittorio Carraro Giol

The Venetian Villa and Park

A Venetian villa disguised as a castle, surrounded by a magnificent 12-hectare park from the 19th century. The bow-windows, gargoyles and Tudor arches classify it in the English Neo-Gothic style, but the three floors furnished with labyrinths of rooms recall the atmosphere of a Venetian palazzo. An exclusive location for weddings, private and corporate events.

The Ancient Wine Cellars dating back to 1427

Among the oldest farming establishments in Italy, since 1427 generations have shaped what was the beating heart of the Villa Veneta: the wine production part.
The picturesque barrel cellar, the majestic granary, the ancient dairies and the crypts are a precious trace of an enormous cultural heritage. All the rooms are perfectly preserved and exude history and beauty. You can walk among the barrels, still smell the scent of the tannins and the wood of the beams; you can touch the original tools and browse through the registers, witnesses to the history of San Polo and its surroundings.

Passion for organic farming and winemaking

In what is the oldest documented original winery in Italy, we still produce prestigious wines made from indigenous grapes, cultivated using organic farming techniques.

For us, the bond with the territory is very close, and we are committed to enhancing it and making it better known also through our wines and our Ancient Wine Cellars. Since 1987, we have been vinifying the grapes from our historic estates exclusively using organic farming techniques, respectful of the environment and the raw material.

All our wines

A wine that is pure, like ours, not weighed down by the many oenological “shortcuts” does not attack our receptors, instead of offending them it woos them and indulges them and the reward for this natural empathy is as banal as it is obvious, especially on the palate: wines that are pleasant to drink, balanced, harmonious and well-orchestrated.

History, beauty and nature

Pick the tour that suits you best! Discover the secrets and history of the castle on a guided tour, immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the park by bike and rowing boat. Learn about the roots of rural civilisation and take part in a guided tasting of our organic and vegan wines. Guided tours also for groups, with programmes and timetables to suit your every need.

At Tenuta Giol you can experience an exciting journey through history, beauty and nature!

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