Giol Italia

Vegan and organic wines

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Quality matters

The highest food quality coupled with respect for the environment.

Our grape must and wines are pure grape juice; they are not tampered with in any way but are shown respect and allowed to mature naturally. In addition to the organoleptic quality of the flavours and aromas, we also guarantee food quality: digestibility, hygiene and freshness. Our products are as genuine and honest as our know-how and experience makes possible.

For us, wine remains the pure, healthy product it has been for centuries. The numerous international awards to our name are testimony to the reverence in which we hold grapes. We harvest our healthy, perfectly ripe grapes in the coolest hours of the day in order to protect their natural aroma. We use the gentlest pressing possible and grape must is allowed to ferment at low temperatures. Our wines are allowed to rest for as long as is needed, without any interference, as we respect nature’s own pace and wait until the wine is ready to be enjoyed at its best.


We are the oldest and most experienced producer of Prosecco and Raboso.

The nature of the soil and the climate bear great influence on the typicality of our wines.
Soils are alluvial and largely gravelly, with medium texture and decent fertility. These are the same soils that produce other prized specialities like the white asparagus of Cimadolmo and Radicchio Trevigiano.
In summer the climate offers average daytime temperatures of 28-30 degrees while the presence of the hills delivers a thermal excursion of up to 18 degrees in the evenings.
This explains our wines’ pleasant acidity, their fresh aromas that are elegant and fruity and their agreeable, well-balanced structure.