Giol Italia

Vegan and organic wines

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History, taste, relax, nature

Check out our tasting sessions and guided visits: explore our history and passion for doing things well as you learn more about these fascinating places.
The Ancient Wine Cellars, the Farm, Castle and Parco Storico will surprise you!
You will walk around what was historically the biggest farm estate in the Province of Treviso between the two World Wars. At the time, the estate was described as “rationally managed with modern work techniques and very intelligent organisation”.
You will be able to admire our “Great Cellar” and its barrels in all its glory, our impressive barn measuring 1,320 m², and the old dairy, where the tools of the trade are still on show, and you will get a chance to taste our organic and vegan wines inside the ageing “Crypts”, whose construction dates back to 1427.
Don’t miss the chance to visit the Papadopoli Giol Castle, with its Historic Park. On a guided tour you will explore the castle interiors, hear all about the history and vicissitudes of its families and you can also enjoy a stroll through the park and admire its architecture.