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Pinot Grigio Ramato

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Pinot Grigio Ramato


Pinot Grigio is a truly versatile varietal, which it proves by giving us excellent elegant, delicate, balanced ramato wines.
Its characteristic delicate colour is shown off to best effect in white glass.
Its aroma is highly reminiscent of the grapes it is made from: intense, characteristic, fine and fruity, redolent of blackcurrant and pomegranate.
On the palate it is soft, harmonious, dry and tasty.
Excellent as an aperitif when served at 10-12°C to enhance its fineness and freshness.
It goes well with delicately flavoured cured meats, like sweet prosciutto crudo. Perfect with pasta in a vegetable or shellfish sauce.

Technical details

Grape varieties

Pinot Grigio


DOC Delle Venezie

Year of planting




Vine spacing

1.00 x 2.80 m




10 t

Alcohol conten

12.50 vol.%


5,10 g/l




This wine is the result of careful selection of Pinot Grigio grapes, hand harvested and vinified “in ramato”. To obtain the desired hue, the crushed grapes are cold fermented for 24 hours in contact with the skins, at 14°C in steel fermentation vats. Initial decantation removes the skins from the must and when fermentation is complete, the wine is decanted once again. This is followed by a long rest on the lees with frequent batonnage to lend complexity and character to the wine before it is bottled. Bottling is carried out at various times during the year to guarantee that the bottled product is always fresh and fruity.