Classic method
"Edizioni Limitate"


Raboso is the oldest native red grape variety in the Republic of Venice and Giol is its longest-established producer, with production dating back to at least 1427. Over the centuries we have learnt all about this extraordinary grape, rich in acidity, tannins and the finest aromas, suitable for fermentation in the bottle and long ageing. It has a deep straw yellow colour, enhanced by very fine, lively persistent perlage. Typical of the best classic methods, its elegant refined bouquet recalls bread crust, with marked notes of cinnamon and spices. On the palate it is rich, flavoursome, enfolding, full-bodied and dry.

Grape varieties: Raboso

Appellation: Edizione limitata di 1427 bottiglie numerate

Soil: Mostly medium texture, gravelly and stony, clayey

Alcohol: 12,00 % vol.

Pairings: Excellent as an aperitif and for important toasts, it goes excellently with sea fish, delicate, aromatic meat and also typical local cheese.


The grapes are harvested by hand, selected and carefully pressed, the must separated from the skins immediately to prevent it colouring.
White vinification with refrigeration of the must, static decantation in hyperoxidation and yeast inoculation. First fermentation at a controlled temperature of 14°C. Decanting and resting on noble lees until springtime; filtration and yeast inoculation, addition of sugar and bottling for refermentation in the bottle. The wine then underwent a lengthy resting period, over 40 months in the oldest, most picturesque and coolest of our cellars, before disgorging. To keep all the authentic nature and typical characteristics of Raboso, we preferred not to add any liqueur d’expedition, making this a “zero dosage” wine.

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    A wine that is pure, like ours, not weighed down by the many oenological “shortcuts” does not attack our receptors, instead of offending them it woos them and indulges them and the reward for this natural empathy is as banal as it is obvious, especially on the palate: wines that are pleasant to drink, balanced, harmonious and well-orchestrated

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