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PROSECCO COL FONDO senza solfiti aggiunti

Natural cork


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PROSECCO COL FONDO senza solfiti aggiunti


The aromas actually evolve dramatically over time thanks to prolonged contact with the yeast present in the lees: the fresh notes typical of Prosecco at the end of fermentation develop gradually into increasingly complex notes of crusty bread and peach flesh. Similarly, the initially mild, fruity flavours change as months go by, becoming more complex and drier with a pleasant bitterish aftertaste. This wine is best enjoyed between the months of July and December the year following harvest. We recommend serving it carefully: to appreciate its qualities at their best, avoid pouring directly into the bottom of the glass. This wine is an ideal accompaniment to fish and herb risottos.

Technical details

Grape varieties

Glera (Prosecco)


Denominazione di Origine Controllata Treviso

Year of planting



gravelly clay/sand and silt

Vine spacing

1,00 x 2,80





Alcohol conten

11.00 % vol.

Residual sugar

0 g/l


4.75 g/l




2,5 bar


This wine is made purely from pressed organic grapes. It is not manipulated in any way, but shown respect and allowed to mature naturally. It is as honest a wine as we are able to produce with our extensive know-how and the centuries-old experience handed down to us by previous generations. We pay meticulous attention to every phase of the wine-making process: this enables us to avoid adding sulphites, which can cause headaches and other allergic reactions. Sur lie (lees ageing) is an ancient method. In springtime the wine is bottled and is allowed to ferment a second time in the bottle: the yeast deposits at the bottom and it is here that the unmistakable bouquet and flavours which are the true expression of a pure, honest wine gradually develop.