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A crisp, summery rosé with an alluring ruby hue. On the nose it is fruity with strong notes of apple, white peach, citrus fruits and wild strawberries. It is contained in a special eye-catching white glass bottle to show off its exceptional pearly colour to the full. Its vibrant colour and fruity nose give it an original and highly distinctive character. This rosé is enviably versatile with food, allowing extremely balanced and interesting pairings. Indeed, when a white wine is not enough for a food and a red is simply too much, the answer is often a rosé.

Technical details

Grape varieties

Glera 90%, Pinot Nero 10%


Denominazione di Origine Controllata Treviso

Year of planting



gravelly clay/sand and silt

Vine spacing

1.00 x 2.80 m




14 t

Alcohol conten

11,00 % vol.

Residual sugar

8 g/l


5,40 g/l




5 bar


The Glera and Pinot Nero varieties are harvested separately, when they are perfectly ripe. The Glera grapes are crushed immediately after harvesting and the must is processed without the skins following the normal technique used for a White Sparkling Prosecco. Whereas the Pinot Nero grapes are processed with their skins. So, after harvesting, destemming and crushing, the yeast is inoculated, fermentation occurs at 25°C for controlled colour extraction. Fermentation is followed by removing of the lees and pressing. After a few days, the wine is decanted and then lightly clarified to stabilise the proteins. And finally, it is filtered. Before refermentation in autoclaves, the Glera and Pinot Nero are blended in a ratio of 90% and 10%, respectively. Refermentation is induced in sealed steel tanks (autoclaves) and over two months the wine reaches an internal overpressure of about 5 bars until fermentation is complete. At this point final filtration takes place and the wine is ready for bot