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From vineyard to bottle, we believe in a work ethic that limits human intervention to a minimum. We allow biodiversity be our best ally in the fields, let the fruit to be pure, and our wine natural without any invasive artifice.

The Giol work team

Organic and vegan wines

Wine should be a food: pure squeezed organic grapes allowed to ferment in the simplest way possible. Many details during processing allow us to respect the balance of our must and wines and to enhance their organoleptic legacy without harming it or covering it with oenological assistance. Our olfactory and taste receptors capture the signals communicated by the wine and if, on contact, they sense the risk of artificial substances they protect themselves by closing and can therefore no longer work naturally. A wine that is pure, like ours, not weighed down by the many oenological “shortcuts” does not attack our receptors, instead of offending them it woos them and indulges them and the reward for this natural empathy is as banal as it is obvious, especially on the palate: wines that are pleasant to drink, balanced, harmonious and well-orchestrated.

Classic Method

Ten years spent fermenting in the bottle inside our crypts, the oldest part of our farm estate. Discover the characteristics of Raboso, the most traditional grape from the Piave area, vinified in the most exceptional way possible.

Spumante & semi-sparkling

Our line of bubbles also stands out for its light taste and delicate aroma thanks to our organic production methods.

A pleasant fizz on the palate that is not overpowering and is the best way to enjoy time spent in company.

Still white wines

The versatility and freshness of white wine with our grapes, from the most classic to the most sophisticated. Check out our range of white wines, the perfect accompaniment whatever the occasion.

Still red wines

Still reds to suit all palates: from the lightest and softest to go with any kind of food, to more important, firmer wines for those who love intense flavours. Our line of red wines that respects tradition.

Still rosé wines

Let the roundness of our still rosé wines enchant you, a pleasant alternative to the more classic white with the same freshness.

Discover some of our wine families

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